Distribution Excellence Framework

Five Fundamentals to a Disciplined Approach – Get the Whitepaper

At eVestment, we have the rare opportunity to meet with hundreds of institutional money managers every year. We also observe through our platform how thousands of these managers approach sharing data with investors and consultants.

In addition, we have quantified where an outstanding approach to distribution creates an advantage – even when actual product performance may not be as stellar. By evaluating asset flows, distribution and product performance, our studies show clearly that allocations are not solely made based on performance and that distribution can have a meaningful impact.

While distribution excellence is difficult to achieve – it is equally clear that it can create significant success for those firms that adopt a disciplined, integrated approach to distribution. We have dubbed this approach, “The Distribution Excellence Framework.”

In this whitepaper, we walk through the details of our framework, with the goal that integration of the five disciplines can yield greater results for asset management firms through better alignment, communication, more realistic goal setting and more realistic self-awareness at the firm level.

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