Enhancing Private Equity Manager Selection

The importance of selecting top quartile private equity funds has never been more clear – there is a significant cost of not being in these funds and historically those below the top quartile have not materially outperformed public markets.

This whitepaper explores the research and data behind the importance of manager selection, why top quartile returns are in the hands of the investor and presents insights from industry practitioners on six areas to leverage data and enhance investment decision-making processes.

Read the full whitepaper to explore factors such as:

  • Why investors should assess the NAVs of managers in fundraising with a level of scrutiny.
  • What a lack of persistence of PE fund managers’ top quartile performance means for investors’ due diligence and manager re-up decisions.
  • How investors are combating the issue of credit facilities and inconsistent IRR methodologies among managers.
  • Why indices such as the S&P500 and MSCI World may not be the most appropriate choice for public market equivalent analysis.

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