2018 European Institutional Investment Strategy Monitor

How do U.K. institutions’ investments in international equities differ from asset owners in the Netherlands? Do Swiss investors favour domestic fund management firms over international ones? Are their investment decisions returns-led? Are German institutional investors attracted to high conviction active strategies or more diversified, low-risk portfolios? Is the non-euro fixed income market under-served? These are some of the questions eVestment is exploring in this special report.

The primary purpose of this study is to help institutional investors understand which traditional investment strategies and fund managers are attracting flows in their respective markets. Manager selection professionals can use this data to think about their due diligence process in numerous ways.

For example, investing in firms with positive net flows can provide confirmation and confidence in the managers selected. Conversely, flows data can also help provide early signals on potential liquidity or capacity issues. By looking at viewership, investors and consultants can determine if they are assessing a manager in isolation or there is pent up demand. Knowing the dynamics around a manager can help with fee negotiations.

Highlights from the Report

  • Significant differences in investment preferences by country
  • Continued demand for active strategies
  • Increasing flows for non-domestic managers