Frontier Advisors

Firm Profile: Investment Consultant

Frontier Advisors is an independent asset consultant, advising Australian institutional investors for over two decades. Frontier provides advice to institutional investors who collectively manage more than A$250B in assets across the superannuation, charity, public sector and higher education sectors. Frontier Advisors has been an eVestment client since 2009 and subscribes to eVestment Analytics.

Case Study: eVestment Analytics

Frontier Advisors decided to replace their own internal quarterly questionnaires and integrate manager data provided to eVestment. “There is no doubt that this has been a benefit to our organization in terms of time efficiency for us,” said Tom Lambert, Associate Consultant for Frontier Advisors.

“eVestment has been a valuable collaborative partner in this process, and has been very helpful in setting us up with firm-level templates and watch lists so that we can customize this process to a satisfactory degree,” Lambert said. “We also think that eVestment is in a better position to take advantage of economies of scale with regard to data warehousing and the further development of portfolio analytics (on a product-byproduct basis) that can be applied in a systematic way.”

How Can eVestment Help Your Firm?