Global Insurance Company

Firm Profile: Global Insurance Company

This global insurance carrier is one of the largest institutional investors in the world with nearly $500 billion in general account assets. As a division of the parent company, the investment alternatives group manages a portfolio of hedge funds. Before becoming a client, the team performed its quarterly analysis and monitoring using Excel alone, with only one person specializing in the creation of the tear sheets presented to the investment committee. The alternatives group soon came to realize the need for a more advanced tool for portfolio construction and modeling, risk monitoring, as well as reporting. It evaluated other options, but found eVestment the most capable provider – possessing the tools to meet all its requirements, in addition to being the most established provider in the space. This firm has been a client of eVestment since 2009 and subscribes to eVestment Analytics and RiskPlus.

Case Study: Analytics and RiskPlus

Using eVestment’s Analytics solution, the carrier is able to conduct their ongoing monitoring and analysis quickly. The vice president of alternative investments said, “Analytics helps us easily see what the addition or subtraction of a new fund will do to our portfolio. It’s a quick way to generate a return stream without having to run a bunch of Excel calculations.”

The team also uses Analytics to create tear sheets to present to their investment committee. “We use the system to generate manager profiles which include both quantitative and qualitative information – factor analysis, upside capture, downside capture – many different statistical charts. It’s also easy to include comparisons of managers by building a peer universe. We would never have had these tear sheets if not for eVestment,” said the vice president.

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