Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report – April 2019

About the Report

Understanding the firms, their products, and strategy universes of greatest and rising interest within the global institutional community is a unique advantage for asset managers, and an intriguing view into regional peer preferences for investors and consultants. The goal of this report is to provide all parties clarity on evolving themes and preferences as they emerge each month.

Aggregate Flows Flat in April, Though Active at Strategy Level

In the last eight months, investor flows to hedge funds have been positive only once, but that does not mean funds are not gaining new assets. If you’re a large firm that performed well in 2018, chances are 2019 is feeling like a very positive year. For large firms that underperformed in 2018, then 2019 is likely feeling very different.

Report Highlights:

  • Investors redeemed an estimated $1.36 billion from hedge funds in April. YTD redemptions are now $18.15 billion.
  • There has been targeted interest in event driven strategies in 2019, highlighted by elevated inflows in April.
  • Macro fund flows shifted to positive in April, pausing a trend of redemption pressures dating back to September 2018.
  • EM hedge funds had inflows again in April. Allocations continue to be directed toward China-focused strategies.

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