Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report – September 2018

About the Report

Over 2,000 hedge fund firms submit data about their products to eVestment every month, including performance, assets, strategy details, primary investment markets and regional focuses. The calculated asset flows for these products provide the basis for estimating the distribution and flow of assets through the broad hedge fund industry.

As you are looking to supplement your own research with external sources, the kind of data provided in this report can help you to form an opinion about an asset class or follow the continuing, or emerging trend as you are developing the allocation decisions for your portfolio.

September Hedge Fund Asset Flows Pull Flows to Nearly Flat for the Year

Investors removed an estimated $14.72 billion from hedge funds in September pushing Q3 net flows into negative territory with an estimated $5.71 billion leaving the industry in Q3, according to the just-released September 2018 eVestment Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. Year-to-date net flows are essentially now flat with a very slight net $70 million inflow. Total industry assets sit at $3.310 trillion.

Among primary strategies Event Driven funds were a bright spot, with asset flows of +$1.73 billion in September and +$4.10 billion for Q3. Event Driven funds, however, are still negative for the year, with year-to-date (YTD) flows at -$1.42 billion.

Report Highlights:

  • Three other primary strategies – Market Neutral Equity, Convertible Arbitrage and MBS Strategies funds – were in the green for asset flows in September, although just barely. Market Neutral Equity saw the most flows among the three at +$300 million.
  • Long/Short Equity saw the biggest outflows among primary hedge fund strategies in September at -$3.17 billion. Managed Futures and Direction Credit funds saw big outflows as well, with both seeing negative flows of more than -$2.90 billion in September.
  • Among fund domiciles, Asia-based funds were the winners in asset flows in September, with flows of +$690 million. Funds based in Europe saw outflows of -$4.85 billion in September and funds based in the Americas saw big outflows of -$10.57 billion in September.

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