Hedge Fund Performance Report – July 2017

Hedge Funds See 9th Consecutive Positive Month; India, China Funds Returning 20+ Percent YTD

The hedge fund industry returned an average +1.21% in July 2017, bringing year-to-date (YTD) returns to +4.77%. July marked the ninth consecutive month of positive aggregate industry returns.

Key findings from this report include:

  • Event Driven-Activist funds were top performers among primary strategies, returning +1.67% in July, bringing YTD returns to a healthy +7.29%.
  • Among primary markets, Equity-focused funds were also strong performers, returning +1.66% in July and +7.28% YTD.
  • India-focused funds continue to lead in returns, putting up +4.96% in July and bringing YTD returns to +24.90%.
  • China-focused funds were also leaders, returning +4.84% in July, for YTD returns of +21.43%.
  • Brazil-focused funds also saw strong July, returning +7.32%, boosting the lackluster +1.66% these funds returned over the past three months and boosting YTD returns to +11.21%. Brazil-focused funds were among the strongest performers in 2016, following dismal 2015 returns.
  • In spite of an overwhelmingly positive month for hedge funds, there were still a few losers: funds primarily focused on the FX/Currency space were down -0.53% in July and funds with primary strategies in the Origination & Financing space were down -0.16% for the month.

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