The Importance of Brand Awareness

Quantifying the Impact on Asset Manager Growth & Perception

We all recognize brands within the institutional investment industry – from data providers to investors, consultants, asset managers and individual investment strategies. Whether or not we consciously think about it, our perception of the brands we interact with affect decisions we make in our work and personal lives daily. We gravitate toward brands we have a positive association with and avoid those with a negative association.

In the path to achieving strong brand awareness, there is steep competition faced for investor and consultant attention. The average institutional consultant reviews less than two strategies per asset manager within a quarter. This illustrates the challenge asset managers have in building brand awareness, which is an important driver in the growth of institutional asset managers of all sizes.

But just how important is brand awareness? In this whitepaper, we’ll take a look at the effectiveness and importance of asset management brand awareness using eVestment data. We’ll discuss a simple measure of brand awareness, the branding efficacy of the average manager, its impact on a firm’s ability to attract/retain assets, and the relative impact of positive vs. negative brand perception.

The Brand Awareness rankings tables in this paper are updated quarterly. Last update: Q4 2018

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