International Investment Firm

Firm Profile: Institutional Asset Management

This international investment firm provides asset management services to investors all over the world outside the U.S. and Canada. The firm has a substantial need for investment data to satisfy the constant demand from marketing, product development and competitive analysis teams across the organization’s multiple office locations. In the past, the client struggled to find qualitative information on asset managers and was often forced to scour the web for missing data. The firm’s Head of Consultant Relations commented, “We had known for some time that the information eVestment provided was far deeper and broader than the data that we currently had. The ability to search across the entire eVestment database was very powerful.” After extensive evaluation, the firm chose eVestment’s Analytics solution to supply its many users with the data they needed. This firm has been an eVestment client since 2005 and subscribes to eVestment Analytics.

Case Study: Analytics

The Head of Consultant Relations appreciated that eVestment was a “consultant-agnostic,” third-party data provider. “We can use the information quite easily in marketing documents or source the information in front of any client, prospect or consultant without worrying about competitive conflicts of interest. The confidence in the data has increased dramatically, particularly in regions outside the U.S. and Europe. The coverage is continuously growing, and we have seen lots of proof of this,” said the client.

How Can eVestment Help Your Firm?