International Investment Management Firm

Firm Profile: Global Asset Management

In the past, institutional investors were not the main focus audience of this international investment management firm. It was soon realized, however, that it was missing out on a large segment of the marketplace and accordingly needed to increase its presence in consultant and third-party databases. This effort fell on various associates within the firm, such as the RFP team, but there was no dedicated resource for the function. Consequently, the data was not updated regularly and the firm suspected it may be missing out on searches. This firm has been an eVestment client since 2010 and subscribes to eVestment Analytics and Omni.

Case Study: Analytics and Omni

The firm was attracted to eVestment’s Omni Complete solution since it could simply provide the data in any format and the eVestment team would setup the submission files based on the requirements of each database. Contrasted against other solutions which required more preliminary work, the firm chose to work with eVestment based on its full-service database marketing capacity. The solution had already been in place when the firm’s institutional database manager came on board — although, he was familiar with the eVestment Omni solution from time spent in previous roles. Since working with eVestment on a routine basis over the past year, he said, “Before our presence in databases was patchy at best. Upper management would ask why we were passed over for searches, and the answer was ‘We weren’t in the database.’ Now we have nearly 400 profiles completed across 18 databases and can be confident we have a greater chance for search inclusion.”

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