April 2016 Hedge Fund Industry Asset Flows Report

Investors Remove $1.9B from Hedge Funds

Key findings from this report include:

  •  Interest in commodity funds was positive again in April. Investors added $1.0 billion during the month, and a total of $6.4 billion in the current 11-month wave of positive investor sentiment for this universe.
  • Managed futures funds received $2.9 billion in April, the third consecutive positive month. In this universe, performance has had less of an impact than size. In 2016, $6.2 billion has been added to large funds that were negative in 2015 and $7.5 billion added to large funds that were positive.
  • Funds operating out of Europe have been receiving assets at a greater pace than the other major domiciles in 2016. Interest is primarily focused on large funds, but allocations have been into a diverse set of exposures. Products targeting European equity markets have seen interest from investors, as well as many of the major managed futures funds in the region.

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