Q3 2016 Traditional Asset Flows Report

Net Inflows of $19.7B in Q3 2016

The institutional asset management industry reported net inflows of $19.7 billion in 3Q 2016 after 11 consecutive quarters of net outflows from the industry.

Several trends and topics in the industry, including reaction to the BREXIT vote, interest in ESG investing and active vs. passive investment strategies, are beginning to move the needle on investment activity.

And while there was a large outflow from U.S. domiciled accounts in 3Q, many of the in- and out-flows were small in 3Q, perhaps indicating investor and manager caution leading up to the U.S. presidential election in November

A few interesting points from the report include:

  • Fixed income products reported net inflows of $132.0 billion, while equity strategies reported net outflows of $116.0 billion in 3Q.
  • Passively managed equity strategies continued to attract assets in 3Q, with inflows of $19.0 billion in 3Q, while actively managed equity strategies reported net outflows of $135.0 billion.
  • U.S. domiciled accounts reported $123.6 billion in outflows, which were driven by redemptions from U.S. equity strategies.

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