Firm Profile: Private Equity Fund Manager

Permira is an investment firm with a truly global presence – 130 staff across 14 offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Over more than three decades, the Permira funds have built a strong track record that have in aggregate made over 200 private equity investments across their five key sectors: Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrials and Technology. Permira has been an eVestment client since 2015 and subscribes to eVestment Private Markets: Performance Analytics and Market Intelligence

Case Study: eVestment Private Markets (Performance Analytics)

Permira implemented the Performance Analytics function of eVestment Private Markets to ensure they were evolving with investors’ data requirements. “We wanted to accommodate the increasing demand from our investors to analyze the track record in a more detailed way. We have always been very transparent in presenting the information, but the shape of what investors want to see is changing. There is a clear desire to be able to flex parameters, which is why we first became interested in products and software that allowed for that level of interrogation, but that were easy to use, credible and auditable.”

When looking for the right solution, it was important that it be flexible. “We wanted a solution that enabled us to provide this more tailored approach to track record analysis, in any way that an investor might want to see, which is also an interesting internal tool. eVestment Private Markets is probably the first and the only real, clean solution to this problem.”

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