PFA Pension

Firm Profile: Corporate Pension

PFA Pension is a independently owned corporate pension firm located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Serving around 1.2 million individuals, this commercial pension fund is one of the largest in Europe with a balance of 607 billion kroner of assets (€81 billion) at the end of 2016. The firm has been an eVestment client since 2014 and subscribes to Analytics and Holding Analysis.

Case Study: Analytics and Holding Analysis

eVestment spoke with Rasmus Bartholdy about his experience using eVestment Analytics and Holding Analysis.  Bartholdy is a senior portfolio manager who has been with PFA Pension since 2003.

Bartholdy explained how PFA Pension conducted searches in the past and how that changed once they became a client of eVestment. “The returns are the basic input of the model, but we also extracted some soft data about the investment process, the team and AUM,” he explained. PFA started talking to eVestment in 2014, and after running the legacy system side-by-side with eVestment, decided to opt for eVestment as its strategic data partner.

“Accessing information quickly was a challenge historically. In terms of what we are searching there isn’t a big difference, but now it’s easier to find information, and the update frequency is faster with eVestment. It is about twice as fast to complete similar tasks compared to our previous system,” Bartholdy said.

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