Principal Global Investors

Firm Profile: Asset Management

Principal Global Investors is the institutional asset-management arm of the Principal Financial Group. Comprising a network of specialized investment boutiques and teams, Principal Global Investors currently manages portfolios on behalf of a broad range of investors around the world including public and private pension funds, foundations, endowments and sovereign wealth funds. Principal Global Investors has been an eVestment client since 2007 and subscribes to eVestment Analytics, Advantage, Asset Flows, Omni and Public Plan IQ.

Case Study: Analytics, Advantage, Asset Flows and Omni

A demand for deeper level of analysis led Principal Global Investors to eVestment. “Once we started using eVestment to run reports and do universe and peer comparisons, it created an appetite. It went from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘need-to-have’ level of information before going into meetings,” Foll said. “Now we have an opportunity to tell our story, to better position ourselves and to highlight what is different about us.”

Principal Global Investors found that “eVestment was far more robust, not only in the data it collected, but the intelligence you could draw from it. With some of the others, the extent to which you could run analysis stopped at performance and risk statistics. If you wanted to dig any deeper, there was really no comparison at all.”

How Can eVestment Help Your Firm?