Private Markets: $50bn Fund of Funds

Firm Profile: $50bn Fund of Funds

This Private Markets Fund of Funds is one of the industry’s most experienced investors with $50bn assets under management and provides clients with solutions across fund investing, secondaries and co-investments, as well commingled funds and separately managed accounts. They have been an eVestment client since 2017 and subscribe to eVestment Private Markets.

Case Study: eVestment Private Markets

eVestment spoke to one of the firm’s Client Relations team members to find out how adopting eVestment Private Markets has impacted their capital raising and client relationship management activities.

“We used a range of resources to try and gather useful information – such as client websites – but it always proved challenging to ensure you  could get all the information required. eVestment Private Markets aggregates it all into one place which makes it much easier.” The efficiency that the team has realized from having a one-stop source for this information has made a tangible impact.

The team cites the email alerts functionality of the Market Intelligence tool as a key benefit in ensuring the teams stay up to the minute on any important information. “If we participate in a presentation, and the investor writes a review, we know about it as soon as it’s available because of the alerts we have set up – that is very helpful.”

How Can eVestment Help Your Firm?