Firm Profile: Institutional Investment Consultant

Product: Analytics

Slocum has been delivering investment advice to the institutional investment market since 1986 with over 100 clients across North America. As a long time eVestment client, Slocum has been actively using the Analytics tools on behalf of its clients for its manager search and due diligence needs. When Slocum signed with eVestment years ago, the firm realized that manually collecting data from thousands of managers was not an efficient process and turned to the wide database that eVestment had been steadily building. Most recently, however, it also became apparent there was an additional need to share the findings of the research team with the consulting firm’s client base so they too could easily monitor their investments. Slocum’s Research Operations Associate, Mark Stoner, headed up the project to build a custom client-interface and engaged eVestment to provide a data feed from its Traditional U.S. and Global datasets as part of that effort.

Refocusing on Core Responsibilities

Before implementing the custom data feed solution, Slocum’s research team had been manually exporting product and firm data from eVestment to update its various client reports. “We wanted to provide information to our clients in a variety of formats, but we just couldn’t have our research department collecting and maintaining that information – we needed them to focus on the core responsibility of manager due diligence,” said Stoner. He continued, “We had an existing relationship with eVestment, and the information it was already providing played an integral part in what our research teams were doing. So it just made sense to leverage this information in a form that worked for our new interface.”

One-Stop Shop Data Distribution

The goal of this project was a “one-stop shop” where critical data could automatically feed the various outputs Slocum required. By implementing the data feed solution, Slocum can now leverage eVestment’s vast database on its web-based portal that is accessible by clients. This portal allows clients to see, not only opinions and evaluations from Slocum’s research teams, but also data points that flow in from eVestment’s data feed. “The combination of input from our research teams and data from eVestment made our web-based portal that much more useful as it allows clients to monitor those managers in their portfolio,” said Stoner.

The data also feeds into multiple client-facing profiles and fact sheets. “We now have the data flow to the interface and other outputs automatically, eliminating data collection on the part of our research team – which is a huge time saver for us,” continued Stoner.

In-Your-Face Data

In terms of eVestment Analytics software usage, the team at Slocum has found the latest release an improvement over other iterations of the tool. “The navigation itself is clearer, and we find ourselves using more aspects of the system we didn’t use before. The data is ‘more in your face,’ so it’s readily available and in view when you need it,” commented Stoner. Overall Stoner concluded, “eVestment is an industry leader and second to none in terms of the amount of data that is easily available at your fingertips. The ease with which we can access the data makes our jobs as research professionals that much more efficient – it’s an awesome resource that we leverage daily.”

“eVestment is an industry leader and second to none in terms of the amount of data that is easily available at your fingertips. The ease with which we can access the data makes our jobs as research professionals that much more efficient – it’s an awesome resource that we leverage daily.”

Mark Stoner
Research Operations Associate

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