Sydbank Asset Management

Firm Profile: Asset Management Firm

Sydbank AM, headquartered in Aabenraa, is Denmark’s fourth largest bank. Its asset management arm manages USD $12.5 billion (DKK 84 billion) on behalf of pension funds, foundations, and individuals, across a range of strategies covering developed and emerging markets, equity and debt, as well as multi-asset investments. Sydbank has been an eVestment client since 2016 and subscribes to eVestment Analytics, Advantage and Omni.

Case Study: eVestment Analytics, Advantage, Omni and Scorecard

A thirst to better understand how investors and consultants think and make decisions about manager selection led Sydbank Asset Management down the technology path to eVestment.

After hearing Danish pension fund, PFA Pension, talk about its manager selection process at an eVestment manager event in 2015, Sydbank AM’s Senior Institutional Sales Manager, Christian Farø, realised populating databases was crucial if the firm wanted to win and retain business both domestically and abroad.

“Understanding PFA’s process was a crucial learning and showed eVestment played a big part in its process. The message was ‘if you aren’t on the database, we are not going to talk to you.’ It was clear data was to be taken to a new level,” Mr Farø said. “eVestment is changing the game.”

How Can eVestment Help Your Firm?