Top Performing Strategies of 2018 Report

Over 4,000 institutional asset management firms submit more than 2,000 data points for more than 25,000 investment strategies to eVestment every quarter, including performance, holdings, characteristics, narratives, fees and AUM. eVestment’s investor and consultant clients view these asset managers’ profiles hundreds of thousands of times each quarter on eVestment’s platform.

eVestment tracks viewership metrics as investors and consultants navigate our platform, including the number of times clients view a strategy’s profile, and the regional domicile from where these views originate. Tracked daily, these viewership statistics provide a real-time gauge of global and regional investor and consultant interest, and how it shifts over time.

In the Top Performing Strategies Report 2018, we ranked eVestment’s 323 primary universes using four criteria to determine which universes consultants and institutional investors were most interested in for the one-year period ending Q4 2018 and broke it up into five regions: US, Europe, Africa-Middle East, Canada and APAC. The criteria for the rankings included:

  • Total Net Flows into Primary Universes from Domiciled Accounts (the larger the relative net flows, the better the rank)
  • Average Quarterly Total AUM in Primary Universes from Domiciled Accounts (the larger the average AUM, the better the rank)
  • Consultant & Institutional Investor Profile Views of Products in Primary Universes (the more views, the better the rank)
  • Consultant & Institutional Investor Screens of Primary Universes (the more screens, the better the rank)

Africa-Middle East

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