Q3 2019 Traditional Asset Flows Report

About the Report

eVestment tracks the global distribution and movement of institutional assets across equity, fixed income and balanced/multi-asset strategies. This data is broken down by investor type and domicile. Flows are derived bottom-up from the strategy-level, using quarter-over-quarter assets reported by over 2200 traditional managers, then backing out performance.

Report Highlights:

  • Long-only asset managers reported Q3 2019 institutional assets under management of $29.0 trillion to eVestment at time of publication.
  • Net institutional flows totaled -$40.6 billion in the most recent quarter and -$396.2 billion over the past four quarters.
  • Fixed income managers, excluding cash management strategies, reported net institutional outflows of -$7.8 bn in Q3 2019.
  • Equity strategies experienced net institutional outflows of -$143.2 bn in the most recent quarter.
  • Active equity strategies continued to see outflows, -$74.1 bn for active U.S. and -$72.8 bn for active non-U.S. managers in Q3 2019.

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