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eVestment Client Since 2008

Starting as a single strategy risk management firm, this traditional asset management shop has since grown into a global institutional money manager. Before becoming an eVestment client, the firm had previously subscribed to several analytical tools to facilitate its product management function. It was dissatisfied, however, with the level of detail available within the datasets of these tools, as well as the speed at which upgrades to the software were introduced. In order to meet the competitive analysis needs of the firm, the money manager opted for the eVestment Analytics solution.

Breadth of Data Globally

The firm chose eVestment Analytics for many reasons, one of which was the breadth of data offered within the platform. “When we set out to build our custom universes, we were able to better filter the data because of the depth of information that was available. We also noticed eVestment was growing globally far faster than its peers. The underlying data itself is truly the most valuable feature of the system,” said the money manager. In addition to building its own custom universes, the firm also utilizes the extensive selection of standard eVestment universes to perform its fee analysis, rankings and other peer comparison reporting. “We found there to be a large number of broad universes, as well as granular universes that more closely align with our offerings so we can have a more relevant comparison,” explained the money manager.

Streamlined Processes

Since signing on with eVestment, the firm has been able to discontinue the use of many of its other tools and utilize Analytics as its main data analysis platform. “Using just one tool versus several is a vast improvement over the way we did things in the past. It has definitely made our processes more efficient and has given us a significant cost savings,” said the money manager. Over time, he has also seen the product change with significant enhancements being added each quarter. “The product ease-of-use has increased as well as the speed. I run some data-intensive reports and it’s down to just a few seconds to return information on a large universe,” he said. The manager preferred benchmark capability is also a noteworthy feature which helps streamline the reporting process. “Since products within a specific universe many times will have different benchmarks, it is incredibly helpful to use the preferred manager benchmark. For example, when running the excess returns calculation, what would be a laborious process of running a report for each product is now streamlined so all the output is seen within one view utilizing the most appropriate benchmark for each product,” stated the money manager.

Anytime Anywhere Access

After using several desktop-based systems, the firm appreciated the flexibility of a cloud-based software solution. “In the past, there were challenges with having to log in from the same computer or with using a VPN to get around a corporate firewall. We sometimes waited for a CD to arrive in the mail in order to get updates. Since eVestment is web-based, I can get to it anywhere and use it on any computer — the flexibility is quite beneficial,” the money manager said. Another key differentiator for him was the ability to access real time data. “We get the data as it is being populated, which is extremely useful,” he added.

Service Beyond 9-5

The firm values the responsiveness of the client service team, as well as their willingness to listen to feedback. “I have worked with the client service team for many years and they are always diligent to follow-up with me. I remember certain days where I have called early because it’s the only time I have and someone has been there to help. It’s nice having someone there beyond just 9-5,” recalled the money manager.

“When we set out to build our custom universes, we were able to better filter the data because of the depth of information that was available. The underlying data itself is truly the most valuable feature of the system.”

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