Diversity & Inclusion Data in eVestment

Transparency into diversity and inclusion at asset management and hedge fund firms serving institutional investors

In Brief

In collaboration with the Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative, a consortium of over a dozen top investment consultants, eVestment began collecting diversity and inclusion data in December 2020. The D&I questionnaire gives asset managers and hedge funds an opportunity to provide narrative commentary on their firms’ D&I initiatives and, for those that are able to report it, D&I statistics on their portfolio team. Read the announcement in FundFire >

What Asset Owners Need to Know

You can now screen managers to identify those that have provided D&I commentary and/or statistics. In addition to firm ownership, you can now screen on multiple questions on staffing and people, at both the firm and product level. Contact support@evestment.com if you’d like a walkthrough of screening on D&I factors.

What Managers and Hedge Funds Need to Know

Consultants and asset owners are actively screening for managers and hedge funds that provide D&I commentary and/or statistics. Even if you’re not able to report statistical data on the composition of your portfolio team, you can still narrate what you are doing as a firm to achieve D&I objectives. Keep in mind that failing to provide commentary may give the impression that your firm does not currently have any initiatives relating to diversity and inclusion. Learn more about the commentary and statistics other managers and hedge funds are providing: data@evestment.com.

The D&I Questions in eVestment
D&I Definitions

Managers reporting D&I data


Firm Name
1607 Capital Partners, LLC
3G Capital Management
ABS Investment Management LLC
Acadian Asset Management LLC
ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
ACCI Partners
AD Global Investors Limited
Advisory Research, Inc.
AEW Capital Management, L.P.
AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
AIG First Principles
Aikya Investment Management Limited
AIR Asset Management
Allianz Global Investors
Alquity Investment Management
AltraVue Capital, LLC
Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC
American Century Investments
Amundi Asset Management
Analog Century Management
Ancora Advisors LLC
Angel Oak Capital Advisors, LLC
Anthropocene Capital Management
Antipodes Partners Limited
Applied Research Investments, LLC
Aravali Asset Management Pte Ltd
Arcano Partners
ARGA Investment Management, LP
Argent Capital Management, LLC
Argus Investors' Counsel, Inc.
Ariel Investments, LLC
Aristotle Atlantic Partners, LLC
Aristotle Capital Boston, LLC
Aristotle Capital Management, LLC
Aristotle Credit Partners, LLC
ARK Investment Management LLC
ARM Invest Partners LLC
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership
Ashfield Capital Partners, LLC
Ashmore Group plc
Asset Management One Co., Ltd.
Astera Bio Asset Management LLC
Attucks Asset Management
Ayres Investment Management LLP
Bahl & Gaynor, Inc.
Baillie Gifford & Co
Baird Advisors
Balentine LLC
Ballast Asset Management
Barings LLC
Barton Investment Management, LLC
Bay Capital Partners Ltd
Belmont Capital Group
Benguela Global Fund Managers
BennBridge Ltd
Bergamot Asset Management, LP
Bernzott Capital Advisors
Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.
Black Bear Capital Advisors LLC
Black Creek Investment Management Inc.
Blackmore Capital Pty Ltd
BlueBox Asset Management SA
BMO Global Asset Management
Boston Partners Global Investors, Inc.
Boston Trust Walden Company
Brandes Investment Partners, L.P.
Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Inc.
Brentview Investment Management
Bridge City Capital, LLC
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC
Brown Advisory, LLC
Brown Capital Management, LLC
C.J. Lawrence
Cachalia Capital (Pty) Ltd
Calamos Investments
Camden Asset Management, L.P.
Campbell Newman Asset Management, Inc.
Canyon Capital Advisors LLC
Cape Ann Asset Management Limited
Capital Group
Capital Wealth Planning, LLC
Causeway Capital Management LLC
Cazadores Investments
Cederberg Capital Limited
Centerstone Investors
Channing Global Advisors LLC
Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.
Charles Schwab Trust Bank
Chautauqua Capital Management, a Division of Baird
Chevy Chase Trust
Chilton Investment Company, LLC
China Asset Management Co., Ltd.
City of London Investment Management Company Limited
Clark Capital Management Group, Inc.
Clarkston Capital Partners LLC
ClearBridge Investments, LLC
Coeli Fonder AB
Coho Partners, Ltd.
Colchester Global Investors Limited
Columbus Point LLP
Community Capital Management, Inc.
Conestoga Capital Advisors LLC
Cooke & Bieler, L.P.
Copeland Capital Management, LLC
CornerCap Investment Counsel
Coronation Fund Managers Limited
Crescent Capital Group LP
CWC Advisors, LLC
D.F. Dent & Company, Inc.
Dana Investment Advisors, Inc.
Davis Selected Advisers, L.P. (d.b.a.
DDJ Capital Management, LLC
Denali Advisors, LLC
DePrince, Race & Zollo, Inc.
DeRoy & Devereaux
Devon Equity Management Limited
Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.
DL Carlson Investment Group
DNB Asset Management S.A.
Domini Impact Investments LLC
DOMO Capital Management, LLC
Douglass Winthrop Advisors, LLC
Downing LLP
Driehaus Capital Management LLC
Ducenta Squared Asset Management
Dynamic Beta investments LLC
Eagle Asset Management, Inc.
Eagle Capital Management, LLC
Eagle Global Advisors, LLC
Eagle Ridge Investment Management, LLC
EAM Investors, LLC
Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited
Eaton Vance Management
ECM Strategies
Edendale Capital
Edgbaston Investment Partners LLP
EdgePoint Wealth Management Inc.
Edgewood Management LLC
Edinburgh Partners Limited
EFG Asset Management
Elbrus Capital Management S.A.
Elemental Capital Management, LLC
Elizabeth Park Capital Management
Emerald Advisers, LLC
Enko Capital Management
Episteme Capital Partners (UK), LLP
Equity Investment Corporation
Essex Investment Management Company, LLC
Evanston Capital Management, LLC
Evenlode Investment Management Ltd.
Fayez Sarofim & Co.
Federated Hermes, Inc.
Fiera Capital Corporation
Fiera Real Estate Investments Limited
First Eagle Investment Management, LLC
First Wilshire Securities Management, Inc.
Flippin, Bruce & Porter, Inc.
Focused Investors LLC
Fondita Fund Management Company Ltd
Forefront Analytics LLC
Foresight Global Investors, Inc.
FountainCap Research & Investment (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc.
Franklin Resources, Inc.
Fred Alger Management, LLC
Frontegra Asset Management Inc.
Frontier Global Partners, LLC
Fuller & Thaler Asset Management, Inc.
GAM Investments
Garcia Hamilton & Associates, L.P.
Genesis Investment Management, LLP
Geneva Capital Management
GHE, llc dba Mercury Investment Group
GIA Partners, LLC
Gilman Hill Asset Management, LLC
Glenmede Investment Management LP
Global Infrastructure Finance LLC
GlobeFlex Capital, L.P.
Globescan Capital, Inc
Glovista Investments LLC
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Goodnow Investment Group, LLC
GQG Partners LLC
Gramercy Funds Management LLC
Granahan Investment Management, Inc.
Granite Investment Partners, LLC
Great Lakes Advisors, LLC.
Green Alpha Advisors, LLC
Green Ash Partners LLP
GSI Capital Advisors
Hahn Capital Management, LLC
Halcyon Portfolio Management Limited
Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC
Harris Associates L.P.
Hazelview Investments (formerly Timbercreek Equities Corp.)
Heard Capital
Heitman, LLC
Helm Investment Partners
Henry James International Management
Heronbridge Investment Management LLP
Hexavest Inc.
High Pointe Capital Management, LLC
Highclere International Investors LLP
Hila Capital
Hi-Line Capital Management LLC
Honeycomb Asset Management
Honeytree Investment Management Ltd.
Hood River Capital Management LLC
Hosking Partners LLP
Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management, LLC
Impax Asset Management Group plc
INCA Investments, LLC
Independent Franchise Partners, LLP
Insight Investment
Intergeneration Capital Management
Invesco, Ltd
Investors Mutual Limited
Ironwood Investment Management, LLC
J Stern & Co LLP
Jackson Square Partners, LLC
Jasper Capital Hong Kong Limited
Jennison Associates LLC
Jensen Investment Management, Inc.
John W. Bristol & Co., Inc.
Johnson Asset Management
Karner Blue Capital, LLC
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management, LLC
KBI Global Investors (North America) Ltd.
Kennedy Capital Management, Inc.
Kennondale Capital Management LLC
Kestrel Investment Management Corporation
Khrom Capital Management
L&S Advisors, Inc
Lancaster Investment Management LLP
Laureola Advisors Inc.
Laurus Investment Counsel Inc.
Leuthold Weeden Capital Management
LionGuard Capital Management Inc.
Lisanti Capital Growth, LLC
LM Capital Group, LLC
Logan Capital Management Inc
Lombard Odier Investment Managers
Longfellow Investment Management Co.
Longreach Alternatives Ltd
Longview Partners (Guernsey) Limited
Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P.
Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC
Los Angeles Capital Management LLC
LSV Asset Management
M.D. Sass Investors Services and Associates
MacKay Shields LLC
Mackenzie Investments
Macquarie Investment Management
Mairs & Power, Inc.
Mar Vista Investment Partners, LLC
Marathon Asset Management LLP
Marsico Capital Management, LLC
Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Matthews Asia
Mayar Capital Advisors Ltd
Maycrest Capital Inc.
MayTech Global Investments LLC
Merlin Asset Management
Mesirow Financial Investment Management, Inc.
Metis Global Partners, LLC
MetLife Investment Management
Metropolis Capital Limited
Miller/Howard Investments, Inc.
Mobius Capital Partners LLP
Moerus Capital Management LLC
Mondrian Investment Partners Limited
Montaka Global Investments
Montcrest Capital
Moody Aldrich Partners, LLC
Morningside Asset Management
Mount Murray Investment
MoveUp Financial
National Investment Services
Natixis Investment Managers Australia Pty Limited
New Century Advisors, LLC
New Silk Road Investment Pte Ltd
NewSouth Capital Management, Inc.
Nia Impact Advisors, LLC
Nicholas Investment Partners
Night Owl Capital Management, LLC
Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Ninety One (previously called Investec Asset Management)
Nippon Value Investors KK
Nipun Capital, L.P.
North Growth Management Ltd.
Northwood Investment Partners, LLC
NS Partners Ltd
nuGent Capital Management
Nutshell Asset Management Limited
NZS Capital LLC
Oberweis Asset Management, Inc.
Ocean Dial Asset Management Ltd
Octagon Credit Investors, LLC
Old Mutual Investment Group (Pty) Ltd
Oliver Luxxe Assets, LLC
Omega Global Investors Pty Ltd
One Investment Group
Origin Asset Management LLP
Osterweis Capital Management
P/E Investments
Palisade Asset Management, LLC
Palisades Investment Partners, LLC
PanAgora Asset Management, Inc.
Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC
Pareto Asset Management AS
Payden & Rygel
Perpetua Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd
Perseverance Asset Management L.L.P
PGIM Fixed Income
Phocas Financial Corporation
Pictet Asset Management
Pier Capital, LLC
PNC Capital Advisors, LLC
Pointe Capital Management LLC
Polaris Capital Management LLC
Post Advisory Group LLC
Princeton Asset Management, LLC
Profit Investment Management
Promethos Capital LLC
Putnam Investments
Pyrford International Ltd
QCAM Currency Asset Management AG
Ranger Investment Management, L.P.
RARE Infrastructure Limited
Reade Street
Reams Asset Management, a Division of Scout Investments
Redstone Advisors, Inc.
Renhet Associates LLP
ReSolve Asset Management Inc.
RhumbLine Advisers Limited Partnership
Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC
Richie Capital Group, LLC
Riverbridge Partners, LLC
Riverwater Partners LLC
Rondure Global Advisors, LLC
Royal London Asset Management Limited
Royce & Assoc. dba Royce Investment Partners
Runde & Co. LLC
Sage Advisory Services, Ltd. Co.
Sanders Capital, LLC
Sanford DeLand Asset Management Ltd
Sanlam Investments United Kingdom
Santander Asset Management Investment Holdings, S.L.
Sapience Investments, LLC
Saracen Fund Managers Ltd
Sasco Capital, Inc.
Schafer Cullen Capital Management
Scout Investments, Inc.
SEB Asset Management
Seelaus Asset Management, LLC
Segall Bryant & Hamill
Seix Investment Advisors LLC
Seizert Capital Partners
Select Equity Group, L.P.
Setanta Asset Management Limited
Seven Canyons Advisors
SG Hiscock & Company Limited
Shaker Investments
Silchester International Investors LLP
Sit Investment Associates, Inc.
SKBA Capital Management, LLC
Skipjack Global Capital Management
SKY Harbor Capital Management, LLC
Slow Capital Inc.
Smead Capital Management
Smith Affiliated Capital Corporation
Smith Asset Management Group, LP
Smith Graham & Co., Investment Advisors, L.P.
Snow Capital Management, LP
Snyder Capital Management, L.P.
Sound Point Capital Management, L.P.
Sound Shore Management, Inc.
Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.
SouthernSun Asset Management
SPARX Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Speece Thorson Capital Group, Inc.
Spheria Asset Management Pty Ltd
SRC Capital Management, LLC
SSI Investment Management LLC
Stance Capital, LLC
Stephens Investment Management Group
Steyn Capital Management (Pty) Ltd
Stone Harbor Investment Partners LP
Storm Capital Management AS
Strategic Global Advisors, LLC
Sugi Capital Management, Inc.
SummerHaven Investment Management LLC
Summit Creek Advisors, LLC
Summit Global Investments, LLC
Sustainable Growth Advisers, LP
SWS Partners, LLC
Symons Capital Management, Inc.
Syntax Advisors, LLC
Teca Partners, LP
Tensile Capital Management LP
Terra Alpha Investments LLC
The Circumference Group, LLC
The London Company of Virginia
The Renaissance Group, LLC
The Rock Creek Group, LP
The TCW Group, Inc.
Thomas White International, Ltd.
Todd Asset Management LLC
Torray LLC
Tremblant Capital Group
Tributary Capital Management, LLC
TriLinc Global, LLC
Trillium Asset Management LLC
Trinetra Investment Management LLP
Triodos Investment Management B.V.
UAB INVL Asset Management
UBS Asset Management
Van Berkom and Associates Inc.
Van Eck Associates Corporation
Varde Partners Inc
Varenne Capital Partners
Victory Capital Management Inc.
V-Square Quantitative Management LLC
Weatherbie Capital, LLC
Weaver C. Barksdale & Associates, Inc.
WEDGE Capital Management, L.L.P.
Weitz Investment Management, Inc.
Wellington Management Company LLP
Westwood Management Corp.
WHEB Asset Management LLP
Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Asset Management, LLC
Winslow Capital Management, LLC
WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.
Wise Capital Management Inc.
Wutherich & Company Investment Counsel Inc.
Xantos Labs, LLC
Yinhua Fund Management Co.,LTD
Zevin Asset Management, LLC

Asset owners can now screen on more D&I considerations than ever before.

The questionnaire gives asset managers the opportunity to fully articulate their firm’s approach to D&I and streamline requests for D&I data. If you are unsure how to screen for D&I, we can help. Connect with us to learn more.