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eVestment Advantage Viewership Report: Asia Pacific Edition
(3 min read) The Nasdaq eVestment Advantage solution is a powerful tool for understanding several aspects of global consultants’ and asset owners’ interests in asset managers and their products. For those new to Advantage, the data can be thought of as the exhaust, or footprint of these global users’ activities – screening and product profile views – on the eVestment Analytics platform.
Active Managers’ Outperformance 2013-2022
(5 min read) We highlight where active equity and fixed income managers have been outperforming their benchmarks over the last ten years.
Hedge Funds End 2022 with Elevated Redemptions in December
(4 min read) Investors removed a lot of money from hedge funds in December, but it was worse in 2015 and 2016. Investors removed a lot of money from hedge funds during the course of 2022, but again, there have been worse years in recent memory. The headline numbers appears to paint a bleak picture of the health of the hedge fund industry heading into 2023, but the details of the data, while highlighting pockets of true difficulty, are just not as dire as the headlines would indicate.
417 strategies from 220 firms added to eVestment in Q4 2022
(5 min read) There are over 28,000 strategy listings within the eVestment platform. During 4Q22 a total of 417 strategies were added to the database across 220 separate Investment Management firms headquartered across 28 different countries. Outside of US based managers, Canadian, UK, French and Swiss based managers added the most investment strategies in order to gain visibility with consultants and investors.
The Source Podcast: Delivering Investment Insights with Innovative Artificial Intelligence
(10 min podcast) In this episode of The Source, Russ Elliot, Head of Asset Management Market Intelligence at eVestment is joined by Patrick Murphy, Founder of the PureGroup/XALT platform. In their conversation, Russ and Patrick discuss how a customized data experience driven by artificial intelligence and dynamic insights empowers distribution teams to deliver enhanced client engagement and better outcomes.
Top Universes by Win-Rate: Equity
Top Universes by Win-Rate: Fixed Income
Top Universes by Win-Rate: Emerging Managers
Top Universes by Win-Rate: Mid-Size Managers
Top Universes by Win-Rate: Large Managers
Top Universes by Win-Rate: Passive
Universes gaining interest from consultants in Americas
Universes gaining interest from consultants in EMEA
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