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Emerging Manager Monitor: Q1 2022

Released May 2022

Emerging managers face numerous unique obstacles to successful fundraising. Data-driven resourcing and outreach can help managers allocate their limited time and capital more effectively and find the opportunities which best fit their strategy. eVestment, as a key source of intelligence serving asset managers, investors, and consultants, allows emerging managers and those who allocate to them to dissect trends and surface relevant opportunities.


Brand Awareness Rankings: Q1 2022

Released April 2022

Brand awareness is an important factor in the growth and long-term success of asset managers seeking to raise institutional assets. In this report, we rank the top asset management firms by brand awareness scores for the quarter across multiple global, regional and asset class categories.


The Impact of Paris Aligned Benchmarks

Aired April 2022

In this webinar, Paris Aligned Benchmarks co-inventor Professor Andreas Hoepner joins Sharmila Kassam, Head of Nasdaq Asset Owner Solutions to discuss what the PABs are, and how they are changing the investment approach of institutional investors.


Institutional Management: Fees in Focus

Released April 2022

This new report uses the management fee data reported to eVestment to explore the current landscape of separate account fees and the differences between the actual fees paid by public plan investors and the managers’ stated fees.


eVestment Institutional Intelligence Reports: Q4 2021

Released March 2022

eVestment’s unique position as a data-driven source of intelligence serving institutional asset managers, investors and their consultants globally provides us the ability to produce a holistic view of the themes, trends and trend shifts impacting asset managers around the world.


Institutional Trends Quarterly Webcast

Aired March 2022

John Molesphini, Global Head of Institutional Insights for Nasdaq; Roger Willis, Director of Research at Asset Consulting Group; and Michele Shauf, Head of Client Experience Strategy, Investment Intelligence at Nasdaq, talk through the latest trends in global asset movement and investor viewership, highlight the risks and opportunities facing managers and dive into ESG-focused strategies.

Virtual Event

Beyond Capital

Beyond Capital was held February 23 where attendees learned how investors are analyzing emerging managers and hedge funds, and incorporating ESG, D&I and ODD data into their due diligence process. Replays from this event’s panel sessions are now available on-demand.

Two-Part Webcast Series

Consultant Relations Best Practices

Part 1 of this best-practices series looks at current data on the institutional landscape and why understanding the consultant perspective is essential for winning and retaining assets in the space. Part 2 looks at current research into consultant meetings – when they are most productive and topics most likely to come up.

Virtual Event

The Institutional D&I Summit

The Institutional D&I Summit was held in October 2021 as a partnership between the Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative (IIDC) and eVestment. Recordings from the event are now available for you to listen on-demand to hear top consultants share their perspectives on diversity.

Best Practices Webinar

Power Positioning for Value Managers

Institutional investors know value investing will be out of favor in certain market cycles. What matters most to them is that value managers stay true to their stated investment philosophy rather than chasing returns – and they use specific data to assess manager discipline. This best practices webinar with a former Investment Officer at the NYC Comptroller’s Office will illustrate proof points for your narrative about discipline and focus.


Hedge Fund Briefing with Commonfund & Aon

Aired June 2021

Allocator research into alternatives is increasing, so it’s more critical than ever for hedge funds to understand how consultants and investors identify, screen and compare strategies. In this webinar, eVestment Global Head of Research Peter Laurelli covers the latest hedge fund industry trends we are seeing in our data, followed by an in-depth, engaging panel discussion with Caroline Greer, CIM, Managing Director at Commonfund and Allen Cheng, Associate Partner at Aon.


U.S. Public Plan Asset Allocation Report

Released June 2021

Asset allocation information affords public funds the opportunity to benchmark their strategic targets against their peers and review potential landscape shifts around various asset classes. For asset managers, asset allocation data can illuminate areas of demand for specific strategies and show whether or not a product market may be approaching saturation – what we like to think are early signals for activity.


EMEA Consultant Briefing with Spektrum & Redington

Aired June 2021

Jakob Hommel, Principal, Spektrum and Alessia Lenders, Manager Research, Redington, provided the commentary for this briefing. Topics covered include: An outlook on EMEA asset flows, b​est practices on manager selection and monitoring, and accessing the best institutional intelligence around ESG and sustainability.


Consultant Outlooks: 2021

Released March 2021

This report is an aggregated look at capital market assumptions from six consultants. The data in this report is sourced from eVestment Market Lens. Among other insights into consultant perspectives such as manager ratings, Market Lens harvests documents from public plans, then extracts and structures insights from those documents, including capital markets assumptions.


Risk Planning for the Next Market Crisis

Market shocks can be fast, confusing and brutal. Attempting to react to them in real-time often results in suboptimal investment decisions. That’s where risk scenario planning is essential. In this analysis, we use the Solovis Risk Analytics application to simulate the impact of a market shock on a hypothetical public-plan portfolio and model the impact that an uptick in corporate bankruptcies might have on our portfolio.


LATEST EPISODE: Risk Management with Venn

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