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Quarterly Institutional Trends

Aired Dec 2020

eVestment tracks asset movement across 23,000+ institutional strategies, along with the screening activity of 1,036 of the world’s largest investors and intermediaries, and anticipated allocation changes among 8,000+ public and corporate plans. Each quarter, we analyze this data to identify themes for asset managers, hedge funds, institutional investors and consultants. ​This quarter, we also hosted a conversation with Tim McCusker of NEPC to get his take on the trends and other industry topics.


Quarterly Institutional Intelligence Report + EMEA & APAC Supplements

Released November 2020

eVestment’s unique position as a data-driven source of intelligence serving institutional asset managers, investors and their consultants globally provides us the ability to produce a holistic view of the themes, trends and trend shifts impacting asset managers around the world.


Risk Planning for the Next Market Crisis

Market shocks can be fast, confusing and brutal. Attempting to react to them in real-time often results in suboptimal investment decisions. That’s where risk scenario planning is essential. In this analysis, we use the Solovis Risk Analytics application to simulate the impact of a market shock on a hypothetical public-plan portfolio and model the impact that an uptick in corporate bankruptcies might have on our portfolio.


Solovis: Pensions' Private Investment Dilemma

Negative press implies that the risks associated with alternative investing should be a red flag for pensions, many of whom have been increasing capital allocated to this asset class. The reality is that pensions will continue to look to the private markets as an effective way to diversify portfolios and increase returns. This paper offers insight aimed at addressing the fundamental issues associated with private market investing.


APAC Market Pulse

Aired Sept 2020

A quick pulse on the institutional market in APAC by identifying key themes for asset managers, hedge funds, institutional investors and consultants, presented by eVestment Solutions Specialist Eugene Yuen, CFA.


EMEA Market Pulse

Aired Sept 2020

A quick pulse on the institutional market in EMEA by identifying key themes for asset managers, hedge funds, institutional investors and consultants, presented by eVestment Solutions Specialist Hassanali Suleman.


The State of Institutional Fees Report

Released August 2020

Comparing fees across strategies and regions is not a simple task. This report organizes management fee data, exploring the current landscape of separate account fees and the differences in actual fees paid by public plan investors versus managers’ stated fees across multiple structures.


Transforming Data Into Actionable Intelligence for Asset Owners

Aired July 2020

Real success comes when investors know what to do with their data: How to slice it, interpret and synthesize it, then draw insights that inform decision-making. Many investment teams don’t have the internal resources or expertise to transform manager and trend data into actionable intelligence. In this webcast, Matt Brunwin, Head of Professional Services at eVestment, will cover practical use cases, as well as how this service partners with you to drive results in your research, monitoring and selection process.


Navigating Volatility as a Small Manager

Aired June 2020

Navigating market volatility as a small or emerging manager can make or break the business. Operational infrastructure and overall draw down protection can top the importance of recent performance, especially as many small or emerging managers are experiencing their first significant market downturn as a firm. In this 15-minute webcast, Client Success Manager Susannah Haisley highlights data-informed best practices for navigating today’s environment.​


Capital Market Assumptions 2020 Report


In this report, we aggregate previous and current year’s capital market assumptions, equipping you to conduct your own comparisons of return assumptions and to assess the spread of assumptions within an asset class. This report also includes a section illustrating how consultants are communicating their views and advice for dealing with the impact of the pandemic on investor portfolios.


How Investors Are Holding Managers Accountable Through COVID-19


In times of volatility, it is more important than ever to understand how your managers are performing, the factors driving this performance and whether there are any areas for concern – with respect to the funds you have invested in, but also with respect to their firms and people. In this partner webcast with IPE, hear how institutional investors have responded to these extraordinary socio-economic conditions and how to apply their best practices to your existing manager monitoring process when returns are unpredictable.


Silver Linings Playbook: Finding Opportunity Amid Uncertainty


In this partner webcast, FundFire and eVestment give institutional managers line-of-sight into performance trends from January through April 2020, aggregating eVestment data on approximately 25,000 institutional products. The panel looks particularly at the areas where active managers delivered strong results so far in 2020 and therefore have significant opportunities to re-communicate the value of active management to investors and consultants.


U.S. & U.K. Asset Allocation Report

Released April 2020

We take a look at the state of asset allocations through 2019, understanding that global markets are in the midst of a substantial revaluation process, and attempt to quantify the impact COVID-19 has had on U.S. public plans based on public market returns through Q1 and historical asset class correlations.


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