Clarius Group Case Study

Firm Profile: Family Office

Product: eVestment Research Management

Clarius Group is a multi-family office focused on building multi-asset portfolios managed by third-party money managers. Clarius Group is based in Seattle, Washington. They have been a client since 2015 and subscribe to eVestment Research Management.

Why eVestment RMS is essential to Clarius Group’s operational efficiency

Principal at Clarius Group, Cameron Lamarche found that there was a “lack of intuitive solutions to capture the institutional knowledge on money managers in a way that makes sense to investment professionals.”

“There are other off-the-shelf research management systems and some groups try to engineer and maintain their own with an Access database — but most off-the-shelf systems were created by technologists as opposed to practitioners. eVestment Research Management was created by users and producers of investment research, so it comes across as very intuitive and flexible to various needs of our research team.”

Before eVestment Research Management, Clarius Group was using an inefficient internal solution: “I previously used both a hierarchy of network drives and an internally built and maintained database. Once we started using eVestment Research Management, a tool that was built by practitioners of investment research, we saw its advantages over these inefficient uses of time and capital.”

Fully leveraging the firm’s intellectual capital

“One of the great features is the ability to search quickly. Anyone who’s had experience searching a network drive folder knows it is not very effective and it’s not easy to apply metadata. The ability to tag metadata to a strategy or research note allows you to query and quickly reference them later, which has been a huge improvement to our process.”

Compared to other systems, eVestment Research Management is “very easy to use right out of the box with very little learning curve. Like the first time you picked up an iPhone and knew immediately where everything was — eVestment Research Management has a similar ease of use.”

Clarius Group found it easy for their associates to adopt the system. “One of the problems with any new system or tool is adoption. If you can’t get your firm to use it, then it won’t be useful. If it makes sense and is easy to use, it also becomes more scalable. More data is contributed which makes for a more robust experience for the broader network of users. We can give eVestment Research Management to our team with little training, and they can get what they need quickly and are not burdened by trying to learn another system.”

Why buying RMS was the better solution

Clarius Group originally built their own research management tool, but eventually found that eVestment Research Management provided greater value. “The resources it takes to build and maintain a proprietary system are important considerations. You also need to consider that you are communicating your needs to someone who is talented on the web development side, but may not be very knowledgeable on the investment side.”

“That language barrier creates conflict and additional cost to get both parties on the same playing field in terms of understanding what your needs are and what is feasible given the budget. Every year we revisited our internal solution compared to alternative off-the-shelf systems. When we saw what the eVestment Research Management team was building, it was clear that it was time to change.”

Say goodbye to your S/Drive

With eVestment Research Management, Clarius Group has found it easy to say goodbye to the flat, unsearchable shared network drive method. “From a day-to-day perspective, the ability to drag and drop and quickly retrieve what you need without having to worry about the organizational aspect of a folder, drive, or database that you must maintain is preferable.”

“I really like the forward-thinking, out-of-the box ideas that the team behind eVestment Research Management is thinking about,” says Cameron. “This is not just a manager research database, but it can also be a broader exchange of ideas and different applications.”

“The perspective of the eVestment Research Management team coming from the practitioner lens is immensely valuable in terms of how this tool is going to grow and evolve and add more value.”

“Immediately as we started using Research Management, we saw its capabilities and its evolutionary trajectory were very much aligned with our needs – because it was built by practitioners of investment research.”

Cameron Lamarche

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