Financial Services & Insurance Asset Management Case Study

Firm Profile: Large Asset Management Firm

Product: Omni

This Large Insurance & Financial Services Investment Management Firm was founded more than 40 years ago, offering a wide range of investment products and services to meet their members’ needs. The firm manages over $125B billion in mutual fund assets, including proprietary, externally managed sub-advised funds and subsidiaries. The firm subscribes to eVestment Omni Complete to aid in their database population efforts.

New to Distribution

“We’re a little bit of a different beast than some other investment management firms,” said the Business Development Advisor of the firm. “Until four years ago, you had to call us directly to buy our funds. We’ve since been in hyper growth mode, building awareness across various platforms. We had virtually no presence in the databases before. Our leadership team was at an event, and learned there that we really did need to be in the databases. That was our wakeup call.”

The firm was familiar with eVestment as their research arm has subscribed to eVestment Analytics since 2006. “Our only consideration was whether we were going to hire a service to populate the databases or do it ourselves,” the client said.

“Once we made the decision to engage a service, Omni was the only one we considered. We literally called into the eVestment 1-800 number and asked to speak to a sales representative.”

“We had zero views in the database prior to engaging with Omni Complete. Now we are certainly showing up in screens. We had our first inquiry from a true consultant and they actually contacted the right person – that would not have happened a year ago.”

Smooth Implementation

“We had an onboarding call where we learned about the types of documents we would need and about the process going forward. We had spent a lot of time with our internal team figuring out what reporting documents we already had that we could then start to upload.”

“We leaned pretty heavily on the implementation team before they handed us off to client service. The team laid out timelines and told us exactly what we needed to go find or create. There’s no way we could have gotten the databases populated without that guidance.”

Added Internal Processes

The client said his team had to create and implement new processes as a byproduct of starting to populate consulting databases. “We had to determine steps such as, who sends what? Who does it go to? Where are we storing that data? Who is confirming the accuracy? Those processes did not exist before.”

“Another byproduct of engaging with Omni has been that it’s forced us to have our portfolio management team get more comfortable with the data that we’re releasing to the public and forced us to step up our game in terms of the robustness of the data that we’re providing,” he said.

Responsive Client Service

One of the most pleasant aspects in the client’s opinion is how “incredibly responsive” the eVestment Omni Complete team has been. “They are super on the ball and get you an answer immediately. That’s what we would hope for. Sometimes sales people will promise the world and then when it actually comes time, the service isn’t as good. That was not the case here. The client service team has been great.”

He gave some examples of how valuable the eVestment team’s knowledge has been in identifying and correcting issues. “We don’t have the expertise in terms of making sure that we’re showing up in the right universes, but they do. The Omni team was able to look and say, you’re missing screens because you’re not in the right universe. Overnight, our number of screens went parabolic.”

In another case, the client said one time there was a head count number that was off that was noticed by his Omni account representative. “It’s something I never would’ve been able to catch until she flagged it. It’s nice to know that there’s that QA that’s going on and then letting us know. That’s what we expect.”

“Using Omni Complete is the only way we think it’s viable for us to populate databases. If we weren’t engaging with eVestment for this service, we wouldn’t be populating databases because we’re just not going to hire a full time employee or three to do this. Given the size of our team and wanting to keep everyone focused on the highest and best use of their time – using Omni was the way to go for us.”

“Using Omni Complete is the only way we think it’s viable for us to populate databases. If we weren’t engaging with eVestment for this service, we wouldn’t be populating databases. Given the size of our team, using Omni was the way to go for us.”

Business Development Advisor

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