Frontier Advisors Case Study

Firm Profile: Investment Consultant

Product: Analytics

Frontier Advisors is an independent asset consultant, advising Australian institutional investors for over two decades. Frontier provides advice to institutional investors who collectively manage more than A$250B in assets across the superannuation, charity, public sector and higher education sectors. Frontier Advisors has been an eVestment client since 2009.

Reliance on eVestment Manager Data

Frontier Advisors decided to replace their own internal quarterly questionnaires and integrate manager data provided to eVestment. “There is no doubt that this has been a benefit to our organization in terms of time efficiency for us,” said Tom Lambert, Associate Consultant for Frontier Advisors.

“The process of organizing and sending the questionnaires was to some degree automated, but removing the need for this has freed up considerable time for other activities where we feel we can more directly benefit our clients.”

Enhanced Relationship with Managers

Lambert said eliminating the duplication of effort from asset managers who needed to provide data to both Frontier Advisors and eVestment was one of the factors they considered when deciding whether or not to switch from their own internal process.

“This has very likely enhanced our relationship with asset managers,” he said. “Managers have generally been receptive to participation in eVestment. We have retained the previous process for a handful of investment products, but this is quite manageable in our view.”

A Valuable Partner

“eVestment has been a valuable collaborative partner in this process, and has been very helpful in setting us up with firm-level templates and watch lists so that we can customize this process to a satisfactory degree,” Lambert said.

“We also think that eVestment is in a better position to take advantage of economies of scale with regard to data warehousing and the further development of portfolio analytics (on a product-byproduct basis) that can be applied in a systematic way.”

“The main objective of this project has to been transition products from listed asset classes and this has undoubtedly been successful for us. We have been working with eVestment effectively on the information requirements for the unlisted asset classes and are comfortable with how this is progressing. The information for these products is not so sensitive on a time-frequency basis,” Lambert said.

Tom Lambert

“There is no doubt that this has been a benefit to our organization in terms of time efficiency for us.”

Tom Lambert
Associate Consultant

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