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This full-service asset manager provides clients with access to a diverse range of capabilities and products including infrastructure, real assets, equities, fixed income, liquid alternatives and multi-asset investment management solutions.

The AVP, Consultant Relations Supervisor is a long-time user of eVestment, and reached out to the eVestment Professional Services team to help him create a more in-depth product intelligence report.

“Our senior leadership was interested in viewing our product lineup from every competitive angle that we had the ability to show,” he said. “I was asked to leverage all the capabilities of eVestment and create a book that could be used as a one-stop shop for how we look from every angle. I took a first cut at creating something since I am familiar with what my leadership typically asks for, then I started working with the eVestment team and they had some really great suggestions.”

Putting Results into Context

The client and the eVestment team worked together to create a chart that shows quarterly excess return with a conditional formatting for whether the market quarter was a positive quarter or a negative quarter. “And then we super-imposed rolling three year, which very quickly allows you to see where the inflection points are in the performance history, from a timing perspective.”

He continued, “This allows us to, for example, know if we need to have the context ready to talk about what happened in a certain quarter that allowed us to so significantly outperform in a down market. This helps us answer, why have we consistently generated positive excess return over the last eight quarters? And that is incredibly valuable.”

The client said one of the strategy teams at his firm replaced a legacy report with the new product intelligence summary. “A lot of the charts that they had previously were simple charts like performance and rankings. But, I showed them this new chart, and it just jumps off the page. They said, ‘Wow. I don’t even need to talk as much. I could just show clients this.” I can’t think of a better example to show the value of the work. It’s a comprehensive equity book that shows a lot of what people could possibly ask of me. It’s a time saver and it’s a good resource for the sales and client service teams to use as needed.”

Recommend Working with Professional Services Team

“Working with the eVestment team has been absolutely fantastic,” the client said. “I would highly advise others to use the service and to get as much as you can out of it.”

“Working with the eVestment team has been absolutely fantastic. I would highly advise others to use the service and to get as much as you can out of it.”

AVP, Consultant Relations Supervisor

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