Global Asset Management Case Study: eVestment Platform

Firm Profile: Global Asset Management Firm

Products: Advantage, Analytics, Asset Flows, Holdings Analysis, Scorecard

Client for Over 10 Years

This global asset management firm offers a wide variety of equity and fixed income solutions for individual and institutional investors. The firm is a longtime eVestment client, first subscribing over ten years ago to Omni for database population services, and now subscribes to the full Analytics suite including Asset Flows, Advantage, Holdings Analysis and Scorecard.

“Using eVestment Analytics is critical for us,” said the firm’s Consultant Relations Supervisor. “We decided to expand the relationship since we realized the amount of information available that we could leverage. I am impressed by the way eVestment handles the data and provides it to us in an intelligent and intuitive format that is useful for asset managers.”

Detailed Peer-Level Comparisons

The client expressed having a positive experience using the peer group intelligence comparison. “No other system does this. eVestment supplies us with the critical information we need for our peer comparisons,” he said. “For example, when one of our strategies outperformed the peer group in one year but the following year, the peer group outperformed us, we received some questions from consultants such as: ‘Can you tell us why your strategy outperformed one year, but the next year it did not relative to the peer group?’ eVestment Analytics allowed us to dive deeper and by using Holdings Analysis, we were able to provide a clear analysis of our strategy compared to the peer group. Knowing our most active positions relative to the peer group was a valuable component as we crafted our response.”

The client discussed that being able to quickly respond with a high-level of detail was beneficial. He said, “I was able to provide an informative and detailed response. Holdings Analysis answered this question perfectly, with great detail.”

Competitive Analysis

The client and his team use Scorecard and Advantage to find top competitors in a variety of situations. This includes listing competitors utilizing different criteria, such as top five competitors based on inflows, bottom five based on outflows and competitors based on product views. The client described his experience as extremely valuable, especially with the ability to use the different criteria available to run a true competitive analysis depending on different situations.

Goal-Setting & Forecasting

In addition to the consultant database team, the client described how his firm’s product teams will use Scorecard as a resource to see “the strength of their strategies, product positioning and for setting goals for future prospect planning and forecasting.”

Custom Comprehensive Report

The client recently worked with eVestment’s Client Immersion Team to help build custom, detailed quarterly reports that tie all the intelligence together in one place.

“This new report covers our entire equity product lineup and uses just about every application we subscribe to from eVestment. This customized report provides us with the comprehensive data we need.”

He said working with the eVestment Client Immersion Team to create the custom report was a very positive experience. “The team at eVestment is top-notch! Each person I work with at eVestment is extremely knowledgeable, an excellent resource and genuinely wonderful to deal with. They were able customize reports and create everything I asked for.”

Database Population Service

The firm has been using Omni for approximately ten years to populate databases. “I like using Omni,” the client said. “It’s a time-saver, especially for us and the amount of products we populate. The service is very helpful and has continuously met our needs.”

Fantastic Client Service

The client said he always has a good experience whenever he needs to call into the support line. “eVestment has so much information in the platform and when I call support, everyone is always so helpful. It’s always a good experience working with eVestment.”

“I am impressed by the way eVestment handles the data and provides it to us in an intelligent and intuitive format that is useful for asset managers.”

Consultant Relations Supervisor

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