Hedge Fund of Funds Case Study

Firm Profile: Hedge Fund of Funds

Submits Data on 10 Products

This client firm was founded in 1990 and solely manages multi-manager hedge fund portfolios. The firm has about $12B USD in assets under management, is headquartered in Chicago and also has offices in London and Hong Kong. As of July 1, 2016, their team includes 137 employees, of whom 45 are investment professionals. The firm submits data on six commingled products and four composite products to the eVestment Global Database.

Global Opportunities

“My team develops and distributes materials that inform, educate and support new and existing clients, as well as intermediary relationships,” said the client, an associate on the Marketing and Investor Communications Team. Her team serves as a partner to the firm’s internal sales team, external clients and consultants.

“We are responsible for positioning our company and its investment management capabilities in the best possible light to ensure we can be competitive in the multi-manager hedge fund landscape and to deliver on our promises to our clients,” she said.

The client said populating databases such as eVestment is very important to market the firm’s products worldwide. “We have the depth and resources available in various parts of the world, which allows us to continuously explore and take advantage of the new and unique investment opportunities across the globe. We have the ability to quickly deploy capital across several different strategies and managers, which places us in a favorable position to take advantage of specific opportunities available during market dislocations.”

Industry Standard

“eVestment upholds the industry standard and helps strengthen our relationships with consultants,” the client said. “It’s a great platform and a very good source of information for our clients, which we have the ability to maintain. For instance, if we were to revise our investment approach, we have the ability to update the database to reflect any changes.”

The client said that using eVestment lends her firm the opportunity to connect with consultants regarding different products offerings that are listed on the database. “Some consultants are using eVestment as a source of information, so we want to be where they are looking.”

The client also mentioned that she liked that she can see the data completion statuses on the dashboard. “It’s very helpful when you are going through and updating various sections to see what has been completed and what is still outstanding.”

Responsive Service

“Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the eVestment team,” the client said. “They have been very helpful in responding to any requests, especially any IT-related issues. Normally those can get resolved fairly quickly. For example, one time there was a change with the firm asset account breakdown and we had to update all the historical figures in the system. I brought this to my eVestment representative’s attention and we were able to address the issue within a timely manner.”

“We fully enjoy the business relationship that we’ve built with eVestment, and we continue to connect with our eVestment representatives to uphold the industry database standards.”

“eVestment upholds the industry standard and helps strengthen our relationships with consultants. It’s a great platform and a very good source of information for our clients, which we have the ability to maintain. Consultants are using eVestment as a source of information, so we want to be where they are looking.”

Marketing and Investor Communications Associate

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