Top Platform Rankings

Approximately 60 million unique data elements are screened on the eVestment platform yearly. eVestment also tracks more than $41.6 trillion in institutional money managed by asset managers around the world working on behalf of investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations. Over 4,000 firms actively submit data to eVestment.

Over 25,000 documents with publicly disclosed information such as board materials/videos, meeting notes and minutes, annual reports, fee disclosures, client and prospect presentations, asset allocations and investment policies make up the Public Plan IQ database. Public Plan IQ is a research platform which aggregates the competitive intelligence of U.S. state and local government pension plans, as well as U.K. Local Government Pension Schemes.

We’ve put together a series of lists and rankings based on activity across the eVestment and Public Plan IQ platforms.

Top Institutional Products and Universes

Monthly lists of the universes and products getting the most attention from investors and consultants on the eVestment platform.

Top Public Pension Plan Documents

Annual list of top ten pension plan documents with the most searches on the Public Plan IQ platform.

Top Asset Management Firms By Institutional AUM

Quarterly lists of the top asset managers in eVestment’s global database ranked by institutional AUM.

Top Asset Managers Ranked By Brand Awareness

Quarterly lists of the top asset managers based on consultant reviews as a proxy for brand awareness at the firm and product levels.

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