Insight for the Institutional Investment Community

eVestment solutions offer sophisticated intelligence for institutional investors, traditional asset managers, hedge funds, private equity and financial advisors.

Solutions for Many Stakeholders

eVestment meets the needs of many stakeholders. Our solutions are designed to provide institutional investors, consultants and asset managers with easy, efficient and comprehensive access to data about global investment instruments. In fact, 74 percent of the top 50 consultants as ranked by Pensions & Investments in 2015 use our suite of analytical tools. The largest asset firms also rely on us to bring together investors with funds representing a vast array of strategies from all geographies. Learn more about the solutions we offer across roles.

Investment Consultants – Investment Consultants use eVestment widely for screening and mandate searches. Why? eVestment offers the most comprehensive database of strategies available for screening.  With 2,800 characteristics to use for screening and polished publishing capabilities, eVestment was designed for the consultant from the beginning.

Asset Managers – From solutions to help you keep multiple databases updated, intelligence to assess how you stack up in the industry and flow information to get ahead of the market, eVestment offers a rich portfolio of solutions — and a powerful web-based shop window to the world of institutional investors.

Hedge Funds & CTAs – Breaking into the institutional investment market is made simple with tools from eVestment. We help you strategize your game plan and market your funds across numerous alternatives databases including our own top-ranked database. Target investors and investment consultants, compare your funds against peers and more.

Private Equity Fund Managers  –  Compiling, analyzing and sharing the performance of portfolios is harder than it needs to be for private equity fund managers. eVestment provides fund managers with a suite of configurable performance analysis tools to make the process of creating, sharing, and analyzing track records more efficient and effective while enhancing fundraising efforts with better communication about performance.

Multi-Managers & Funds of Funds – As a Multi-manager or Fund-of-Funds manager, you can both research investments and promote your resulting funds using the eVestment suite of solutions. And — you can do it across strategies, geographies and classes.

Emerging Managers – Raising and retaining capital can be accelerated through inclusion in the eVestment database. Get in front of institutional investors in the most efficient way possible, view their behavior patterns and compare yourself to peers.

Sales and Marketing Managers – Make sure you make the first cut by having deep, timely information in the databases used for research.  Make your points with crisp materials.  Fine-tune your competitive strategy with better intelligence.

Database & RFP Managers – Streamline the process of updating databases and ensuring the RFP content is accurate and consistent.  Take your data from your internal processes and map it to all the leading databases for automated updating.

Investors & Pensions – Go directly to the best source of information to select managers and monitor ongoing performance. Satisfy investment committees with peer comparisons in sharp graphs and charts.

Endowments & Foundations – Get the tools you need to ensure that funds are available to support the causes you represent. Search for managers across traditional and alternative investments, back-test portfolios, create pro forma portfolios and understand the flow of assets across the globe.

Sovereign Wealth Funds – You decisions are of major economic and fiscal importance for your state or nation — necessitating the use of advanced tools to support your choices. Take advantage of analytics across traditional and alternative products with the ability to track global asset flows, compare manager’s holdings against each other, manage risk and automate the processes around portfolio management.

Family Offices – Preserve your assets for generations to come with comprehensive screening and monitoring tools, in-depth risk analysis and portfolio management for liquidity, exposures and cash flows.

Insurance – Insurance companies are in search for higher-returning investments, while maintaining certain risk profiles. eVestment offers analytics and portfolio management tools that support finding the optimal mix and allocation of funds for portfolios, as well as tools for assessing risk under specific scenarios.

Financial Advisors –  Financial advisors can now leverage the same insight as the “smart money” with advanced tools to assess the market. Because institutional money tends to move several quarters in advance of retail, advisors will be able to anticipate market-making moves, informing sound decisions on behalf of their clients, and increasing your ability to maximize assets under management.