Alpha Nasdaq OCIO Index

OCIO Indices Podcast: What OCIOs Need to Know
(32 mins)
In this episode of The Source podcast, we sat down with Ron Klotter and Brad Alford to talk about the new OCIO indices created through a partnership with eVestment’s parent company, Nasdaq, and a business founded by Brad, Alpha Capital Management.

Creating transparency for institutional investing

Alpha Capital Management has partnered with Nasdaq to deliver the industry’s first suite of OCIO indices. The Alpha Nasdaq OCIO Indices are aimed at creating transparency for the OCIO industry and are designed to give investors and OCIO firms the ability to objectively measure OCIO performance against peers.

IndexMRQ1 YR3 YR5 YR7 YR10 YR
Broad Market Index11.904.325.895.906.828.00
Defined Benefit Pension Plans Index11.367.607.096.977.638.87
Endowments & Foundations Index12.461.815.135.176.427.52
Healthcare Operating Reserves Index11.602.054.474.825.71---
Insurance Reserves Index10.415.165.52---------
Aggressive Asset Allocation Index16.332.465.93---------
Moderate Aggressive Asset Allocation Index13.412.505.715.716.727.66
Moderate Asset Allocation Index12.372.785.315.486.637.89
Moderate Conservative Asset Allocation Index10.146.996.496.517.108.31
Conservative Asset Allocation Index7.4110.967.626.887.158.24

— Indicates there are fewer than 15 observations for that time period

Contributing OCIOS as of 30 June 2020

Angeles Investment Advisors
Atlanta Consulting Group
Colonial Consulting
DiMeo Schneider & Assoc.
Fidelity Institutional Mgmt.
Global Endowment Mgmt.
Lowe, Brockenbrough
PFM Asset Mgmt.
PNC Institutional Asset Mgmt.
Russell Investments
Sterling Capital Mgmt.
Strategic Investment Group
TIFF Investment Mgmt.
Verger Capital

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