Distribution Intelligence. Smart at Scale.

Leveraging eVestment data across platforms through API technology.

Scaling distribution intelligence isn’t only an operational efficiency. It’s a competitive imperative that leads to new assets by transforming how your team works.


Most Distribution leaders have succeeded in building ecosystems of best-in-class data sources for competitive intelligence, but they’re finding more data isn’t necessarily translating into better results. As data platforms multiply, so do formatting and reporting inconsistencies, making it harder than ever to establish a standardized, accurate and timely view of the competitive landscape. This is why tech-forward executives in Distribution are transforming how teams work with intelligence at scale through API technology.

A complete picture of the consultants & investors to target for business development

Today’s challenge:
Prospecting intelligence is scattered across platforms and difficult to piece together manually. Your outreach history with each prospect is siloed from intelligence on potential replacements or new searches.

Consultant and investor intelligence from eVestment is integrated into your CRM so everything you know about your prospects, and your history with them, is centralized and consolidated.

Intelligence that’s automatically surfaced to your team for action

Today’s challenge:
Data has to be mined by someone who knows what’s available, how to extract it and how to remove the noise to expose the actionable intelligence.

Easy-to-consume dashboards that surface actionable insights right in the workspace your team uses every day.

How It Works

API Product Manager Will Schmidt walks through the documentation needed for a successful implementation in this short video:



See how eVestment data can enrich your CRM records

eVestment intelligence pushed to Salesforce and integrated with your existing investor and consultant data
These sample integrations consolidate data from eVestment with existing data in your Salesforce records. The result is a total picture of each investor and consultant. For investors, that picture combines your interaction history through the Salesforce Activity log, with fresh intelligence on contacts, allocations, mandate history and manager rosters. For consultants, the picture also includes your interaction history, along with key professionals, client rosters, manager ratings and mandates.

Sample Investor CRM Record
Sample Consultant CRM Record

The Distribution Intelligence API provides the connectivity needed to fully leverage your data investment and capitalize on your competitive advantages at scale.

Unlock the power of competitive intelligence

In 1999, the Harvard Business Review Press published a guide to unlocking the power of patents and other intellectual property for competitive advantage. Titled “Rembrandts in the Attic,” the guide argued that competitive advantages were hiding in plain sight in most companies, like masterpieces forgotten in storage.

Today, many firms continue to overlook valuable assets that can confer competitive advantages but for a different reason: Those assets are data, and that data sits in platforms waiting to be mined and extracted by analysts.

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