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Integrating eVestment data into your applications with APIs for even greater insight.

Distribution Intelligence

Actionable intelligence pushed to your CRM for Sales, Consultant Relations and Business Development teams

Competitive Distribution teams have long relied on peer data, investor profiles, consultant ratings, alerts and other critical intelligence from eVestment. Now, that data can be pushed to CRMs such as Salesforce for holistic views of prospects and potential opportunities. By integrating eVestment into your CRM, you’re ensuring that actionable intelligence is surfaced daily in your team’s everyday workspace.

The APIs Included:

Analytics API

Competitor Data
Performance, including historical
Assets and accounts

Alerts API

Alerts Data
Significant changes in a product’s AUM (total or institutional)
Significant decreases in a product’s performance

Market Lens API

Investor Data
Key contacts
Asset allocations
Manager rosters

Consultant Data
Key contacts
Investment recommendations
Manager ratings
Investor rosters

Common Use Cases & Business Outcomes

Enhance investor records in Salesforce with validated key contacts

Integrate current v. target allocations into investor records in Salesforce to identify potential prospects before manager searches are announced

Integrate consultant ratings into consultant records in Salesforce to understand the “house view” of the firm’s products and where peers might be vulnerable to replacement

Integrate mandate data into both investor and consultant records in Salesforce to track potential, open and closed mandates

Integrate peer data and alerts into competitor records in Salesforce to identify vulnerable peers and link to their client rosters

Market Intelligence

Longitudinal data for Product Management, Corporate Strategy and Institutional Trend Analysis

Entering new markets, defining territories, developing realistic forecasts and evolving your product line-up are all data-driven decisions. Now, eVestment data on historical peer performance and global asset flows, along with trends in consultant and asset owner research activity, can be loaded to your data warehouse, then pushed to BI tools such as Tableau or Power BI for robust analysis and forecasting.

The APIs Included:

Analytics API

Competitor Data
Performance, including historical
Assets and accounts

Asset Flows API

Product flows
Flows by geography
Historical flows

Advantage API

Product views
Views by geography
Historical views

Common Use Cases & Business Outcomes

Enhance business intelligence for planning and forecasting to:

Rank competitors with integrated views of performance and flows over time to identify vulnerable peers

Identify products poised for growth with trends analysis of flows across the product line-up, integrated with viewership data

Forecast future demand with trends analysis of consultant and investor viewership of the firm’s products

Test new product ideas with trends analysis of the types of strategies being viewed by consultants and investors over time

Locate product demand by market through trends analysis of flows and viewership by geography

eVestment APIs are the Keys to Data Integrations that Drive Business Outcomes

Resources for Your Technical Specialists

Tech Site

Data dictionaries, entity relationships diagram, sample calls and sample data.