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The institutional marketplace is more competitive than ever. As you compete to win new assets, whether you’re a hedge fund, emerging manager or money manager of any kind, you’re also focused on retaining the clients you already serve. eVestment for asset managers empowers you to do both.

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Learn why 1,000+ investment managers, hedge funds and emerging managers worldwide rely on eVestment to:

Build Brand Awareness
Build Brand Awareness
Keeping your strategies in front of potential clients and their consultants is key. Database visibility will get you there.
Know How You Rank
Know How You Rank
You know how you rank against the benchmark; but in competitive universes, 50 managers can all be in the top quartile. What makes you stand out?
Identify Opportunities Sooner
Identify Opportunities Sooner
With asset owners relying on database ‘shadow searching’ to select managers, you need the ability to detect potential opportunities before they’re formally announced.
Analyze Trends to Anticipate Institutional Behavior
Analyze Trends to Anticipate Institutional Behavior
Trillions of dollars move in and out of asset classes and regions every quarter. But before those investment decisions are made, consultant and investor activity in the eVestment database can indicate where assets will move.
Client Spotlight: Emerging Manager Building Brand Awareness in the Institutional Space
FountainCap Partners with Nasdaq eVestment Solutions to Win New Assets in a Challenging Market
Client Spotlight: Breaking into the Institutional Space
Client Spotlight: Building Brand Awareness in the Institutional Space
EmergeVest Leverages Nasdaq eVestment Solutions to Connect to the Right Investors


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In this day and age, how someone can effectively do their job without this platform in the institutional market space is beyond me.
Partner, Investor Relations
Global Public Equity Firm

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