Know how you stack up with


Are your strategies top of mind with gatekeepers? Which firms are you really competing against? Is your consultant outreach effectively building interest in your products? You have hunches about these questions, but eVestment Advantage actually has answers.

With data on the products consultants and investors are researching, comparing and charting, you can:

Use Advantage to:

Assess where your marketing and consultant relations efforts are working – and where they’re not

Effective roadshows, marketing campaigns and outreach should all increase interest in your strategies, as evidenced by the volume of research consultants conduct on your products. Use screening data in aggregate to gauge awareness of your brand, or track screening activity at the daily or weekly level to assess whether specific sales and marketing tactics are paying off.

Fine-tune your pitch decks with the data consultants and investors care about

Understand the metrics and thresholds consultants and investors use to evaluate products like yours, and incorporate these highly salient datapoints in your pitchbooks.

Know who your peers actually are

Use perceived-peer data in Advantage to understand who consultants and investors regard as your peers, then take a deeper dive into eVestment analytics to find your competitive edge.

Geographically locate interest in your strategies

Identify the regions where interest in your products is growing to align your sales, marketing and consultant relations efforts in those locations.

Gain an advantage with competitive intelligence from eVestment.

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