Know how you rank with


You know how you perform against the benchmark, but you’re competing against other active managers – not an index. eVestment Analytics equips you to compare your strategy to those of competitors on multiple dimensions, from performance to portfolio characteristics, PM bios to active share, efficiency to firm ownership.

Use Analytics to:

Know how you rank

Map your competitive landscape by understanding how you rank against peers. Choose the metrics you care about, then chart yourself against competitors to see how you stack up.

See yourself as consultants and investors do

Every day, asset owners and consultants screen thousands of fields in eVestment, looking for investment talent that meets the criteria they’ve set. Use Analytics to understand how your firm and your products appear in these screens.

Generate standardized marketing collateral

Use Analytics templates to generate product fact sheets and other marketing collateral that automatically refreshes with new quarterly data.

Learn how you rank.

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