To raise institutional assets, you have to know the trend lines.

Every quarter, investors around the world move trillions of dollars across asset classes and regions. Support your long-term strategy by quantifying this momentum and ensure your firm is best positioned to capture those assets in the future.

How to analyze trends and anticipate institutional behavior:

Track asset movement

Product demand changes over time, and data on flows momentum tracks how it’s evolving. Flows data can be sliced by universe, geography, investor type or theme (such as ESG) to give managers key data points for forecasting where investor demand is headed next. And analysis like this gives managers a firm data foundation for critical decisions, from which products to support with sales and marketing dollars to how their firm’s investment capabilities may need to evolve along with investor demand.

Track viewership and research activity

Investment consultants and institutional investors take due diligence seriously. That’s why over 1,000 of the most influential consultants and largest investors in the world subscribe to eVestment – to access to the deepest data on institutional strategies available. How they research, screen, compare and chart managers provides a multi-dimensional picture of how they think and what matters to them. Coupled with performance data, this intelligence becomes even more signal-rich, pointing to potential replacements (high screening + underperformance) or potential opportunities (high screening + outperformance). Consultant and investor activity can also be viewed at different levels of granularity to identify trends at the universe, geographic or product level.

Monitor trends in product manufacturing

Every quarter, 500+ products are added to the eVestment database, and many are newly incepted. Monitoring new products and their ability to attract assets provides other data points for assessing demand by strategy, geography or investor type.

Understand the advice asset owners are receiving

Well before investors change course, they’re assimilating advice from their consultant – or in many cases their consultants. Understanding how they’re being advised is essential for forecasting how individual asset owners may allocate differently in the future and how, in aggregate, the institutional market is likely to shift moving forward.

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