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Trillions of dollars move in and out of strategies and geographies every year. Understanding where assets are moving – and the investor types that are reallocating – is essential for quantifying product demand and assessing the competitive strength of your line-up. Even if you’re not manufacturing new products, eVestment Asset Flows provides essential data for setting distribution strategy and product management priorities.

Use Asset Flows to:

Forecast product demand

Quantify existing momentum and factor that data into revenue modeling and projections – for existing products or new products you may build.

Put sales and marketing resources in the right places

Align dollars and people to the regions and investor channels primed for growth.

Track your market share

Monitor your market share, and that of competitors, to understand whether your distribution strategy is paying off.

Evaluate M&A targets

If you’re looking at inorganic ways to build out your product line-up, Asset Flows can help you identify PM teams with healthy flows momentum.

Find out where demand for your products is coming from.

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