Building brand awareness — with eVestment.

Every quarter, investors and consultants conduct more than 150,000 product views in eVestment looking for managers. If your strategies aren’t visible, you’re excluded from their screens by default.

How to build brand awareness in the institutional market:

Step 1: Report to eVestment

If you don’t have a presence in the institutional market’s most influential database, you’re invisible to the largest global network of consultants and investors responsible for placing institutional assets. According to Cerulli (2020), 100% of surveyed managers call eVestment a “must-be-in” database.

Step 2: Understand how consultants and investors see you

Consultants and investors use eVestment analytics to view, screen, compare and chart the managers reporting to the database. With an eVestment Analytics subscription, you can see your strategies exactly as these allocators do – and you can conduct the same level of analysis on 25,000+ peer strategies to understand your brand in relation to other institutionally focused managers.

Step 3: Develop a comprehensive database-marketing strategy

While eVestment is the institutional market’s premier database, there are dozens of smaller and niche databases targeted to certain geographies or asset classes. Knowing which databases support your overall distribution strategy is critical for being visible to the gatekeepers and asset owners you want to reach. Database marketing also requires complete and timely data population, so information on your firm and strategies is available whenever and wherever allocators are screening.

Step 4: Quantify the impact of your database strategy

Do you have a presence in the databases in which your competitors appear? How does your data completion and timeliness stack up to your peers? Are more consultants and investors viewing your products over time? When your products fail screens, why? Building a brand to raise institutional assets is much more than populating databases. It requires a strategic approach to database marketing, with metrics for continuous improvement and data to measure your visibility to consultants and investors.

Market Intelligence API Bundle

Track how consultants and investors are researching your brand and integrate that intelligence into your own BI tool automatically.

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Case Study

Australian manager Insync partners with eVestment Omni to broaden and optimize its brand presence.

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Build your brand awareness — with eVestment.