Identify opportunities sooner — with eVestment.

Your ability to detect early signals of coming mandates is key to identifying opportunities sooner. And integrating intelligence from eVestment in your CRM through an API means you can act on early signals even faster.

How to identify opportunities sooner:

Know which US and UK investors plan to adjust their allocations — because you can

Several quarters before assets move, investors and their consultants conduct asset allocation studies, revise their models, and plan re-balancing to align with their IPS. With eVestment – and automated alerts – you can get ahead of new opportunities by tracking these leading indicators. And with extensive key contact data, along with manager rosters, you know which asset owners to connect with and how you would fit into their portfolio.

Track what investors and consultants are researching now for allocations in the future

Consultants and asset owners conduct extensive research and due diligence in eVestment before they hire, fire, watchlist or replace a manager. This research activity is therefore a leading indicator of coming opportunities – as well as potential redemption risks. Data-driven managers track this activity on a regular basis to quantify interest in their products and understand what allocators are researching today for decisions tomorrow.

Monitor consultant sentiment, from asset classes to specific strategies

Before investors place assets, they go through a predictable process with their consultant, starting with education about an investment universe, then recommendations on allocation changes – both of which take place well before a search is approved or announced. Consultant ratings also play a key role in influencing the decisions asset owners make. In aggregate, this qualitative data gives managers insight into broad areas of opportunity, where consultants see certain investment universes favorably. Even more important is the actionable intelligence it gives managers, especially peers that have been downgraded, with click-throughs to their investor client lists.

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Identify opportunities sooner — with eVestment.