Identify opportunities sooner — with eVestment.

Your ability to detect early signals of coming mandates is key to identifying opportunities sooner.

How to identify opportunities sooner:

Know which investors plan to adjust their allocations — because you can

Several quarters before assets move, investors and their consultants conduct asset allocation studies, revise their models, and plan re-balancing to align with their IPS. Track their thinking to get ahead of mandates before they are announced.

Track what investors and consultants are researching now for decisions in the future

Manager research escalates two to four quarters before managers are hired or fired. Stay on top of this research activity as a leading indicator of opportunities.

Monitor consultant sentiment, from asset classes down to specific managers

Investor decisions are shaped by consultant ratings and recommendations. Follow these prequels to understand what investors will be doing in the future.

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Identify opportunities sooner — with eVestment.