Know how you rank — with eVestment.

By definition, every manager on a shortlist will have similar performance results. Knowing how you rank against peers on multiple dimensions is the beginning of differentiating your strategy.

How to rank yourself:

Go beyond performance — because investors and consultants do

Compare your products to those of competitors on multiple dimensions, from performance and characteristics to philosophy and fees, equity holdings to asset flows. After all, asset owners and allocators compare active managers to each other – not just a benchmark. They have a deep understanding of how your rank against other managers. You should too.

Know who your peers actually are

With eVestment, you can identify the other managers investors and consultants are comparing you against when they build reports and charts. Who you’re actually competing against might surprise you. When you know who your perceive peers are, you can anticipate questions as you prepare for meetings and more assertively position your strategies favorably because you know the competition. And with Mercer Trends, you can toggle between eVestment and Mercer universes to see your rankings from different perspectives.

Understand what consultants are saying about you and your peers

Investors rely on the thought leadership of their consultants, from capital markets assumptions to asset allocation models, watchlist and hire recommendations to manager ratings. Understanding how consultants are advising their clients – and how they’re evaluating strategies like yours – is business-critical intelligence. With eVestment Market Lens, you have direct line-of-sight into consultant sentiment, as a precursor to asset movement in coming quarters. And with Mercer Trends, you have perspective on your own ESG ratings and those of your peers.

Analyze your market share and flow capture rate

Understanding whether your distribution strategy is on track requires deeper data than AUM alone. Competitive managers want to understand how their efforts rank against their peers in terms of market share and flow-capture rates. This intelligence and more is available through eVestment.

With Mercer Trends:

With Instant Insights:

Instantly see how you rank on performance and risk
Rank yourself against outperforming peers
Know how you rank in interest from consultants
Understand how consultants rank your strategies
Track how your fees rank vs. competitors
Rank your strategies by universe win-rates

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