Know how you rank — with eVestment.

By definition, every manager on a shortlist will have similar performance results. Knowing how you rank against peers on multiple dimensions is the beginning of differentiating your strategy.

How to rank yourself:

Go beyond performance — because investors and consultants do

Compare yourself on multiple dimensions, from characteristics to fees to holdings.

Know who your peers actually are

You can know who investors and consultants are comparing you against when they build reports and analyses. Who you’re competing against might surprise you.

Understand what consultants are saying about you and your peers

Investors rely on the thought leadership of their consultants. Get access to their recommendations and ratings.

Analyze your market share and flow capture rate

Rank the effectiveness of your distribution efforts against that of your peers by tracking market share growth and your ability to capture new assets.

Analyze Your Track Record vs Peers
Active vs. Passive Pressures
Consultant & Investor Interest
Consultant Recs & Ratings
Fee Pressure
Who's Winning/Losing Assets?

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Market Lens

Asset Flows

Holdings Analysis

Know how you stack up — with eVestment.