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It’s all about context – the more you have, the smarter your distribution game-plan will be. Market Lens gives managers line of sight into the broader context of the institutional marketplace.

Use Market Lens to:

Identify future opportunities

Know which investors are planning to adjust their targets in the future and will need investment capabilities you offer.

Plan fee negotiations

Use data on the actual fees investors are paying to set your negotiation range.

Know who’s recommending you… and who isn’t

Get in front of changing consultant sentiment to ensure you retain the clients that already invest with you.

Anticipate replacement opportunities

Track competitor products that have been downgraded by consultants to initiate conversations about your strategy.

8000+ public and corporate plans

Market Lens covers thousands of plans, including:

  • Washington State Board
  • New Jersey State Investment Council
  • Massachusetts PRIM
  • Alaska Permanent
  • Hawaii Employees Retirement System
  • Illinois State Board
  • Ohio PERS

For more detail on plan coverage, connect with us for a tour of Market Lens.

Gain a competitive edge.

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