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While eVestment is the institutional market’s premier database, there are dozens of smaller and niche databases as well. If you don’t have a complete presence in the databases that are advantageous for your strategies, you’re invisible to the people you’re trying to market and sell to. Only eVestment Omni develops and executes a comprehensive database strategy to build your brand, get your products in front of more investors and consultants, measure your market presence and, ultimately, win more assets.

Use Omni to:

Build brand awareness

To increase the visibility of your institutional products, our team of experts ensure your strategies are positioned effectively across the databases used by consultants and investors to find strategies like yours.

Gain the edge in shadow searches

Today, most manager screening is conducted long before mandates are announced or tendered. With an established and consistently maintained database presence, your products will be included in these early screens instead of being eliminated before you even have a chance to compete.

Quantify your market presence

Understand how often consultants and investors are screening your products, the screening criteria they use and your screening pass-rate. Monitor trends in data screening, measure your overall completion rates relative to peers and your time to market to gain a competitive edge.

Case Study

Australian manager Insync partners with eVestment Omni to broaden and optimize its brand presence.

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