Accessing the best intelligence in the world with eVestment

World-class manager research starts with access to the most comprehensive global database.

How to access the best intelligence:

Start with the largest pool of managers

Power your research process by starting with the largest dataset of managers in the world to ensure you’re seeing the entire world of options — not just a narrow set.

Go beyond headline numbers

Most top-quartile managers are delivering similar performance. What differentiates one portfolio team from another is how they’re delivering, their thought process and their ability to remain disciplined. Multi-dimensional analysis — quantitative and qualitative — leads to better screening results.

Monitor emerging talent

Every quarter, 500+ institutional products are added to the eVestment database alone. Many of these come from smaller, emerging managers that have the ability to pursue opportunities with less constraint than larger, established products.

Solutions Stack

Quantum Analytics

Holdings Analysis

Market Lens

Access the best intelligence with eVestment.