Map the institutional landscape with


Trillions in institutional assets move across strategies and geographies every quarter. Tracking this movement gives you data points for understanding trends in the global marketplace.

Use Asset Flows to:

Understand momentum

Every quarter, trillions flow across strategies and regions. Tracking this movement helps you understand where momentum is building and where it’s waning.

See the larger context

More context means a higher-resolution map of the global marketplace – whether it’s seeing which managers are attracting new assets or identifying trending regions and strategies.

Assess firm or product risk

Before inflection points, early signals of changing sentiment are still detectable in flows data. Tracking these leading indicators gives you advanced signals that a manager may be facing business risk.

Evaluate M&A targets

If you’re looking at inorganic ways to build out your product line-up, Asset Flows can help you identify PM teams with healthy flows momentum.

Get a picture of the entire institutional landscape.

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