Hold your equity managers accountable with


Your equity managers may deconstruct their returns to report attribution, but attribution doesn’t explain how their decisions differ from those of other managers. Use Holdings Analysis to pinpoint where your equity managers are demonstrating independent thinking with stock selections notably different from their peers. Also analyze their sector, region and style allocations to validate that they’re following their stated investment philosophy or uncover potential style drift.

Use Holdings Analysis to:

Know the questions to ask

Prepare for meetings with your equity managers by analyzing their allocation decisions, stock selections and holdings weights in advance. This background data will help you ask better questions and get more insight into your managers’ thought process.

Get behind headline numbers

Most top-quartile managers are delivering similar performance. What differentiates one manager from another is how they’re delivering returns. Holdings Analysis is key to holding your managers account table for following their stated philosophies and process.

Be an interactive partner

You’ll want data that helps you interact with managers as a partner and get behind their headline updates.

Ensure your managers are meeting your investment objectives.

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