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Your intellectual capital is your greatest differentiator. Secure, store and track your research team’s IP to ensure it’s fully leveraged across your firm with eVestment Research Management

Use Research Management to:

Centralize your manager research assets

Findability sounds like a tech term, but it’s actually a problem many research teams face everyday. They know they have deep research on a strategy or manager, but it’s just not findable. It’s hidden on a chaotic shared drive or dispersed across analysts.

Bring efficiency to your research process

Your research team has a well defined due-diligence process for screening managers, but you’re still relying on emails to remind people of review deadlines or pending approvals. Automated workflow frees you to do what you do best — research, analyze and think — and lets technology take care of reminders to Kevin.

Meet compliance requirements

With a platform expressly designed by former consultants for manager research, your documents, notes, reviews and workflows are always compliance-ready, in a centralized place.

Store, organize and track your manager research.

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