Database and RFP Manager Solutions

Solutions for Database and RFP Managers

There is no better way to ensure your funds are included in mandates and searches – yet there is never enough time to make it all happen.  We can help.


RFP and database teams feel the greatest pressure from tight deadlines and high expectations.  The list of opportunities to participate in RFPs and populate multiple databases is almost always longer than the resources at hand. And each database introduces a slightly different structure with unique timelines and requirements. The volume of data and what to update first is overwhelming — yet, what better way to ensure that your funds are considered? Each time the RFP team leader oversees an RFP response that wins a mandate and demonstrates understanding, depth of knowledge and leadership, he or she earns managers’ and top executives’ trust and gains more credibility for the entire team. It is an ongoing cycle that, if done well, moves the RFP specialist from a cost-center role to one of strategic advisor and end-of-sales-cycle expert.

Meeting the Challenge

eVestment provides technology and services to help you prioritize your efforts and to efficiently update more databases than you could do on your own — while elevating you the role of trusted advisor. With investor behavior insight, you can demonstrate the value of your database marketing efforts with the ability to quantify growth potential or missed opportunities. Updating databases more efficiently frees up resources to participate in a greater number of strategically-crafted RFPs — and gives you peace of mind knowing that your funds are represented consistently across databases with the latest information. You can be confident that RFPs, databases and sales presentations reflect the same, accurate data that investors are referencing. And — if it would be better for your firm to spend time elsewhere, eVestment can take on the entire task on your behalf.


eVestment Database

For database and RFP managers, the most efficient way to ensure that your funds are seen is to have them in the eVestment database with robust and timely information. There is no cost to you to update the database.

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Omni helps resource-constrained RFP and database managers to handle updates to multiple databases more efficiently so that you can:

  • Ensure that you are well-represented in the databases most important for your firm and product
  • Focus on populating characteristics that matter the most to your potential investors
  • Update information — and meet the deadlines
  • Optimize your resource investments with a full-service, partial-service or technology-based solution

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We examine our database's daily usage and screens by 78% of the top 50 consultants globally to identify what is actually important to consultants and plan sponsors and where assets are flowing. Advantage gives RFP and database managers a chance to walk in the shoes of decision makers with unique insight into investor and consultant behavior so you can:

  • Prioritize your database updates based on top data points used in searches
  • Quantify how much business you could miss simply due to incomplete, inaccurate or delinquent database updates
  • Demonstrate the impact of your database efforts on sales opportunities and growth

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“While performance remains one of the most important factors when investors choose a fund, the ease of accessing and keeping track of their investments is increasingly important, too. As a result, distribution is becoming just as critical a factor as performance to determining a fund’s success, and will be addressed with renewed vigour.”
JP Morgan Chase